Siegfried Schmauder & Zeljko Bozic, "Multiscale Damage Analysis of Fatigue and Fracture of Metals"
Vadim Silberschmidt "Damage and Fracture of Biological and Biomedical Materials"
Filippo Berto and Luca Susmel, "Structural integrity of Additive Manufactured Materials"
PetroYasniy and Liviu Marsavina "Teaching of Structural Integrity"
Jacques Besson, "Numerical Methods in Fracture Mechanics"
Uwe Zerbst, Stefano Beretta and Andrea Carpinteri, "Defects and fatigue"
Yuri Petrov, Vadim Silberschmidt, "Fracture and Structural Transformations under High Rate and Impact Loading"
Peter Trampus, "Non-destructive methods in Fracture Mechanics"
Jose Antonio Correia, Vladimir Moskvichev, "Risk Analysis and Safety of Technical Systems"
Milos Djukic, William Curtin, Zhiliang Zhang, "Recent Advances on Hydrogen Embrittlement Understanding and Future Research Framework" More Info...
Participants list
Giacomo Risitano, "Energy Methods for Fatigue Assessment"
Rostand Moutou Pitti, Octavian Pop, "Damage and fracture mechanics in wood material"

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